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My name is Lisanne. I live in Sheffield with my husband, two daughters and baby boy. I grew up in the Netherlands, but after 10 years in the UK I feel very much at home here. 

During the day you'll most likely find me at a local playground, looking after my baby boy, teaching the girls, studying for my breastfeeding counsellor course, or out for a walk and cream tea in the Peak District. You'll also find me at a Tots group or a Sunday service at a local church here in Sheffield.

My Story

Growing up in the Netherlands, I was very much used to families having support around the house after their new baby arrived. I remember the nurse/doula arriving the same day, she would help mum care for her baby, teach her to breast or bottle feed, cook, encourage mum to rest, free up daddy to be around for siblings, etc. 

When my first daughter arrived  here in the UK in 2017, it was a very different story. My husband and I didn't have a clue how to care for our tiny baby. We were so thankful for wonderful meals and encouragements from our local church family, but were very aware that many families leave hospital without support - it's one thing to learn about giving birth, but another to care for a baby! 

My journey to becoming a postnatal doula started soon after this. I just loved supporting other new families with their babies, and enjoyed learning more about the postnatal time (fourth trimester).

I am keen to support you to feel confident and empowered to look after your baby. I currently have good experience with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, expressing, siblings, twins and parent-led routines. 

Qualifications & Training

2022 - Paediatric First Aid, Daisy First Aid

2021 - Doula Mentoring Scheme, Younique Postnatal

2021 - Trainee Breastfeeding Counsellor, Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

2021 - Peer Supporter, Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

2021 - Understanding Reflux Workshop, Younique Postnatal 

2020 - Intitial Doula Preparation Course, Younique Postnatal (Doula UK certified)

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